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The Kentucky Aviation Association is a non-profit corporation organized under the 501(c)(6) federal tax code and is organized to (i) foster and promote aviation facilities, safety, industry, business, recreation, and aerospace education in Kentucky and elsewhere, and (ii) to pool and bring together the various interests and talents of individuals, bureaus, agencies, departments, professional people, and municipalities, for the purposes aforesaid.
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  • Your Membership is valid for 1-year and renewal is annually.

  • KAA By-Laws ARTICLE III - Membership and Voting Rights Section 3: Membership dues shall be paid annually, in advance, commencing January1st of each year, or as prescribed by the Board of Directors.

  • Your membership will support a unified voice on topics important to the expansion of aviation in Kentucky; support the annual Kentucky Aviation Conference; support a unified voice to help influence local, state and federal legislation impacting aviation; provide you networking opportunities with other aviation industry professionals and regulatory agencies. The Kentucky Aviation Association accepts applications regardless of race, creed, sex, color, physical disability and national or ethnic origin. To learn more, visit