Setup a Subscription to Receive Notice of Proposed Structure from the FAA
This will allow airports and any citizen to get notice of structures being proposed.

  1. Use this link for the FAA Obstruction Evaluation
  2. On the left side of the page look for New User Registration. Complete the registration.
  3. Once you have registered, go back to the home page and look on the left side and click on the Instructions link, then select Subscriptions to guide you with setting up your subscription.
  4. If you have any questions, call the OEAAA Support Desk at 202-580-7500.



FAA Advisory for Operating at Non-towered Airports

This AC calls attention to regulatory requirements, recommended operations, and communications procedures
for operating at an airport without a control tower or an airport with a control tower that
operates only part time. It recommends traffic patterns, communications phraseology, and
operational procedures for use by aircraft, lighter-than-air aircraft, gliders, parachutes, rotor craft, and ultra light vehicles. This AC stresses safety as the primary objective in these operations. 


Call to Action Now! 

Now is the time for aviation enthusiast to let our voices be heard and educate our legislators on the importance of continuing the funding for airports into the future.  If you need assistance determining who your legislator is please visit the link below.

The Memphis Airports District Office has relocated! Click the button below to view the updated routing codes for the Memphis ADO.

AIP Buy American
Preference Requirements

Nationwide Buy American Waivers Issued (as of 3/25/2014)
Lists equipment that is frequently used on Airport Improvement Program-funded projects that has been issued a Nationwide Waiver. Sponsors do not need to request waivers for equipment on this Buy American Conformance List.

SAFO – Safety Alert for Operations May 2015 by FAA

Survey of Minimum Standards: Commercial Aeronautical Activities at Airports

FAA Airport Compliance Manual

Airport Improvement Program handbook – FAA

Introduction to Planning a Fly-In by EAA